The Appli Tree is a company founded for the freelancing activity of Bart Cerneels with a focus on embedded and linux application and firmware development.
In the long run the company hopes to grow into unexplored areas of computing enabled devices in industrie, home, office and public space for automation, mobility, energy, comfort, etc.

The origin of the name

Bart and his wife Wendy build their zero-energy solar-passive house in the middle of the Belgian fruit producing region. Along with strawberry, cherry and pears the main crop is apples of the Jonagold variety.
A pun involving apples was obvious. But since we’re not an Apple Computer shop “Appli” was used as short for applications, but also Linux, the kernel not only found on our laptops, but also smartphones, NAS, home automation, car infotainment system and household robot.

A tree branches of it from a common trunk into many different leaves. Like well written and maintained source code a common trunk can adapt to run on multiple platform and for various use cases.
The roots gather nutrition and water from a wide area. The Open Source software world is a fertile forest floor with many sapling projects and fallen leaves, but it takes experience to gather these elements and use them successfully in commercial projects.